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Policies at Alfords Point Medical Practice

We would appreciate full payment at time of consultation. We accept EFTPOS, Visa/Mastercard.  We can act as your Medicare Agent; with a simple swipe of your nominated key card you authorise the instant Medicare rebate to be deposited into your account.

Please ring for any pathology or X-Ray results within one week.  The receptionist may relay the doctor's comments. You may get an SMS asking you to make an appointment to discuss your results. Please pick up any X-Ray pictures as these are for your records.

If you have a Preference For a Particular Doctor every effort will be made to assist you.  This may mean waiting if that doctor is heavily booked.  The records however are comprehensive and allow you to readily see any of the doctors in the practice.

If you wish to speak with one of the Doctors, your call will be returned after the doctor's session, unless it is an urgent situation. The doctor may relay a reply in between patients if necessary.  Please speak to the reception staff who will be able to advise whether an appointment is necessary.

You will be asked to Wear a Mask if you have any Flu-like Symptoms or cough in order to contain infection. We encourage patients to wash their hands regularly and use cough etiquette. Please dispose of used tissues in the bins provided as soon as you have finished with them.

Repeat Prescriptions require an appointment to monitor the condition being treated.

Referrals require an appointment.  A referral is a written letter to the specialist asking for an opinion regarding the condition.  It is illegal to backdate a referral and a visit is legally necessary.

Running on time: We endeavour to run on time however, our priority is quality patient care so we may run late for this reason. Your understanding in this regard is appreciated.

Appointment Schedule/Multiple patients:Our appointment schedule allows for 1 (one) person to be seen per appointment. If more than one family member requires an appointment, please notify the receptionist when making the booking to allow for extra time.

Length of appointments: As a courtesy to all, please make sure you book the appropriate length of time for your appointment.  Several issues may require a longer or separate appointment.  Please speak to reception.

Confidentiality at Alfords Point Medical Practice

All medical records are confidential documents. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.  Records will only be released with patient consent or if instructed by law.

Feedback or Complaints may be directed to Dr Peter Gilkes, 60 Coachwood Cres Alfords Point, NSW 2234, Phone 9543 2270

Also available: Health Complaints Unit. Locked Mail Bag 18, Strawberry Hills. NSW 2012 

Communications Policy

We encourage patients to be responsible for their own results.

We are a busy practice and constantly receive a mixture of emailed, downloaded, faxed and posted results from various pathology & radiology providers, specialists, hospitals and allied health professionals. 

Please do not assume we will automatically call you about results which are not urgent and not life-threatening.

Results may be given over the phone only at doctor’s discretion but an appointment may be needed.

Most results will need to be received in person via an appointment with the doctor. 

Please ring the Practice on 95432270 from 7.45am to speak to our receptionist. 

Doctors can return calls for urgent matters.  Our nurse can assist with immunisation information if the records are retained at our practice, and with medicine enquiries, but she cannot give advice. 

We may communicate electronically (via SMS) or in writing to remind you of the need to contact the practice to make a follow up appointment for your medical results or if you are due for a test or plan, such as a PAP smear, care plan, blood test.  We currently accept bookings online via our website: and now on

We ask you to respect our reception staff, and understand that different doctors at our practice may have a different approach with respect to providing results or conducting consultations, which means you must not assume if one doctor does something one way, that another doctor will follow suit. 

Doctors outside of this practice may order tests and  send us a copy of your results.  We are not responsible for following up these results. We advise you follow up directly with the original ordering doctor.

We cannot by law discuss results about any patient over the age of 14 years, with you, without their consent.

We prefer you make your own appointments with specialists and for scans, x-rays etc.  We are unable to make phone calls on your behalf, scan, fax or email paperwork.  Our reception staff are extremely busy and are unable to spend time on these matters.

In case of emergencies, please dial 000. 

We would appreciate you updating your  contact information, including an emergency contact, if your details change.

Please advise your doctor at this practice or reception staff if you wish to be removed or added to our list for reminders and recalls. 

Please understand that every time you ask us to squeeze you in for a non-urgent matter, someone else who has booked an appointment after you will be inconvenienced. Please be considerate of their time and medical issues. 

We are a private billing practice - our fee schedule is on the information sheet. We bulk bill pensioners and health care card holders

Collection of Personal Information

Requirements under the Health Privacy Act state that we now require your consent to collect information about you. Please read this information carefully and sign where indicated below.

This medical practice collects information from you for the primary purpose of providing quality health care. We requireyou to provide us with your personal details and a full medical history so that we may properly assess, diagnose, treat and be proactive in your health care needs.

This means we will use the information you provide in the following ways:

  1. Administration purpose in running our Medical Practice.
  2. Billing purposes, including compliance with Medical and Health Insurance Commission requirements.
  3. I consent to receiving SMS notifications for appointments and Recall for Medical issues.
  4. Disclose to others involved in your health care, including treating doctors and specialists outside this medical practice.
  5. This may occur through referral to other doctors, of for medical tests and in the reports or results returned to use following referrals
  6. Disclosure to other doctors in the practice for the purpose of patient care. Please inform us if you do not wish your records assessed for these purposes and we will note them in your records accordingly.